In Passing, You Too Faded

by Fox Wound

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released August 2, 2016

Fox Wound is...
Joseph McMichen: Vocals, Guitar
Richard Philip: Vocals, Guitar
Tyler Sidney: Vocals, Bass
Harrison Lyerly: Drums

Recorded by Ben Wills at Glow in the Dark Studios
Mastered by Clayton Dean
Artwork by Dianna Settles

Guest vocals by Connor Ray on "Colour Me Grey"
Guest vocals by Andrew Washburn, Stephen Washburn, Stacy Nye, Ian Joshua Riley, Zak Washburn and Johnathan Washburn on "Glendale"



all rights reserved


Fox Wound Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta quartet of pastel punks.

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Track Name: Waveshine
Always coming down
Thought you'd keep that to yourself
But it's a point of pride
And you draw from hollow wells
Then they walked in the room
I shut my mouth
Smiled politely
They had their doubts

It's just time
You can waste it all on me
If you want to make the drive
Come down
Together pleasantly

Always coming down
Just keep that to yourself
You have no points of pride
You still draw from hollow wells
Feeling better now
Eating all my meals
Quiet my racing mind
You've helped me feel

But I feel alright
When you're by my side
Track Name: No Johns
I'll work until I'm dead
Deposit my checks
Lay back in bed
Then get up again

I'll work until I'm dead
Spend on things
To keep from growing thin
It'll last for what it is

But if I could rest
And hold your hand
It would be so calming
To sleep in
And talk to our friends
And have you hold me

I'll work until I'm dead
Deposit my checks
Lay back in bed
But I can't live like this

Healthy as I can
Be when things
Are caving in
You always understand
Track Name: Don't Walk in the Grass Alone
If time stood still for us
I could have thought of better advice

I have no way with words
But I'll hold you for as long as you'll allow

So friend don't give up on me
I know it's hard when you've already giving up on yourself

If we just sit still and breathe it would keep from hurting ourselves

Don't stay away
Don't stay away from me
Track Name: Kathryn P.
I wanted to be there next to you
But my selfishness kept me away
I had questions for the doctors
Did the medicine help ease the pain

So let's slide out smoothly
My money is on you
I know you're a gamble
But I want to play through

So don't wait too long
I'm feeling lucky on this one

We walked down the lobby stairs
We put a coin in the slots
But the pages stopped turning
And I took the loss
Track Name: In Passing
I have to go through the films you sent to me
Play them on a bigger screen
Because you always recommended the most beautiful things

Much like yourself you had an eye for a masterpiece
And can't forget the smile that you gave to me

I see it when I close my eyes every time

I have to go through the songs you wrote
Memorize your voice and tone
When you spoke your words often cracked
But your spark was never fleeting

So I'll put a lily on your lapel tonight
Straighten my tie and walk outside
Because I know you'd want me to get out of the house tonight

And I won't forget what you said
It came from the most beautiful man
From your lips I'll always repeat
Beauty just because it's what we need
Track Name: Glendale
I'd fallen asleep again
Walked outside glossy eyed
Spotted you atop the fountain
And took a seat by your side

We stuck around for hours
Days turned into weeks
Months turned into a year
And you're still here with me

It's hard to sleep when you're not by my side
Keeping control of my peace of mind

My heart lives lazy
Lost in your sheets
To the sound of video game themes
Playing on repeat

Looking for a shaded spot to call our home
The stress is ever growing so we'll hold each other close

It's hard to sleep when you're not by my side
Keeping control of my peace of mind

I feel at home when I'm with you

I'll never forget
The night that we spent
Talking for hours
At the expense of our friends
Track Name: Colour Me Gray
I don't feel too great
Haven't slept a wink
Still confused about who I am today
I'm glad you want to help but I feel weak

I don't feel
One way or another anymore

I've been feeling grey
Been feeling all our colors do fade
So excuse me I don't need your purples in place
Monochromatic resting pace

I don't feel
One way or another anymore

I believe
In myself
And I'm comfortable
For once